Knowledge Map – Senior Java Developer Skillset

It’s very important to assess your skills in various areas of IT and understand a nesessary Java Developer Skillset.
I tried to categorize the required skills for a Senior Java developer and show my personal experience in it.
Each element contains the a to my Github. You can explore my code in the links.

Core Java

Spring Framework


Testing tools

Design Patterns

OOP Spring Boot Hibernate JUnit Stategy Facade
Collections Spring MVC MyBatis Mockito Observer Template method
Generics Spring Security   TestNG Decorator Iterator
Streams       SimpleFactory Composite
Multithreading       Abstract factory State machine
        Singleton Remote proxy
        Command Virtual proxy
        Adapter Dynamic proxy


SQL and Databases

Web services

Build tools

DevOps Tools


Spring Cloud PostgreSQL RestFul Maven Kubernetes  
Old school: MongoDB RSocket Gradle Jenkins  
Spring Cloud Config Server Redis WebFlux   Docker  
Simple microservice ElasticSearch     Amazon AWS  
Feign REST client DinamoDB     Microsoft Azure  
Client-side load balancing with Ribbon AuroraDB        
Eureka Naming Server          
Zuul API Gateway          
Distibuted tracing with Zipkin + RabbitMQ          
Spring Cloud Bus          
Fault tolerance with Hystrix