My name is Mike Scherbakov.

I have extensive experience in backend software development.

Especially interested in development for financial companies using Spring framework or KTor framework. Have more than 5 years in the development of ERP-systems for business.

Work experience

Backend software developer |  Sberbank 

Feb 2022 – Present

Development of web services for bank mobile applications using Spring Boot, Kotlin and Java.

Application architecture design, programming unit tests with JUnit 5 and Mockito.

Backend Software Developer | Sunlight 

Mar 2021 – Feb 2022

Development of Java application for processing data from integration services using Apache Kafka, data analysis.

Implementation of custom Spring Boot web services for data analysis.

Backend Software Developer | VkusVill 

Jul 2019 – Feb 2021

Working in an agile team responsible for the retail and warehouse department. Implementation of a mobile application for warehouse and store employees. Development of the company’s WMS.


  • Java 8 to 18, Kotlin 1.6
  • Deep understanding of Spring Boot,
    Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Cloud, Hibernate
  • KTor web framework
  • MS SQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Master of JUnit 4/5 and Mockito
  • Git, BitBucket, Docker experienced user
  • Apache Kafka / RabbitMQ